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How Brexit Could Affect e-Commerce

Britain is fully immersed in e-commerce culture. 86% of the UK have shopped online during 2017, according to Eurostat, and this number will likely only increase over time. However. the impact of Brexit is currently unknown, and this has left things uncertain for European e-commerce as a whole When it comes to Europe’s future in […]


How to Thrive in the E-Commerce Market

As the internet has grown, so has the market of e-commerce, to the point it’s undeniably the driving force behind a sizeable amount of the world’s most profitable companies- some even carving a path with it exclusively. Out of the 7.7 billion making up the world’s population, 4.1 billion are internet users as of last […]


Gaining trust as an online store: The Guide

These days, online stores are becoming the new go-to option for any kind of purchase. Sites like Amazon, eBay and other similar e-commerce stores are constantly growing at the expense of the high street. If you are wishing to help your company progress and gain a worldwide following, the online store is a line you’ll […]

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PayPal’s Schulman Not A Bitcoin Fan

Digital payment company PayPal is not betting on bitcoin as of now. In an interview with TheStreet.com, PayPal chief executive officer Dan Schulman said that while PayPal is focused on innovating in the payment market, it’s not focused specifically on the digital currency. “I think right now, and we’re seeing this maybe more than ever, the volatility of […]

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SECURITY & FRAUD Consumers Want Biometrics – How Will Payments Respond?

With the holiday shopping season behind us, most shoppers can probably say with confidence that the worst part of the whole experience was trying to remember passwords for the eCommerce sites they shopped. It’s not just the holiday season, either. A recent study by Visa showed that, unsurprisingly, consumers are ready to say goodbye and good riddance […]

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Mobile Payments 2.0: Building Better Retail Experiences

Payments has by and large been a growth business for the last half decade or so, and that fact has been mappable in scores of innovations around the world. But, as PYMNTS’ Karen Webster pointed out, for all of those advances, one is conspicuously missing from the list — and that’s despite years of predictions that its ignition […]

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BITCOIN A Cryptocurrency With “No Purpose” Has Raised $700M

One of the hottest cryptocurrency investments of 2017, a startup called block.one, has raised $700 million selling a digital token that has “no purpose.” According to The Wall Street Journal, this is the largest initial coin offering to date, with block.one’s market value now at around $4.5 billion. The sale of the token, called EOS, has benefited from […]

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Shop tills to ring to ‘optimistic’ chime for Visa transactions in new era of ‘sensory branding’

Shoppers already driven to distraction by the incessant dinging, and beeping of self-checkouts could be about to face a new headache. Payments using Visa will soon be accompanied by a ‘signature sound’, which will chime out each time a card or smartphone is presented, or an in-app purchase made. Marketing employees at the company have […]

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Payments Testing One, Two, Three

Modern consumers have high expectations for technology. If something doesn’t work perfectly, they’re quick to grow frustrated and abandon it as junk. “Our generation is a little bit spoiled,” said Bart van Hoek, head of Innovations with UL Transaction Security — and he said that is all the more true with payments tech. Imagine going out for breakfast […]

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Google Predicts AI Will Be An Issue For Regulators

 A vice president at Alphabet’s Google says that the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data in various fields will pose new challenges to the governments regulating those industries. “It’s going to be a big issue,” Geoffrey Hinton said at a Reuters Newsmaker event in Toronto on Monday (Dec. 4). Hinton should know: He led a group of […]

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VISA Launches Real-Time Payments In Europe

Visa, the payments company, announced news on Thursday (Nov. 2) of the European launch of Visa Direct, a real-time international payments platform. In a press release, Visa said Visa Direct enables person-to-person (P2P), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) money transfers. Through the service, funds can be transferred into the recipient’s Visa account quickly and securely, […]