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The death of cash?

5.4 million people across the UK, or 10% of consumers, according to UK Finance, have made no more than one payment with cash per month last year. Compare this to 2017, in which 3.4 million people rarely used cash, and it’s clear that cash’s role as the main form of transaction is quickly fading away. […]


Why every business needs E-commerce

Within the modern market, everyone has multiple online devices, and this inter-connectivity has led to e-commerce becoming one of the main forms of business in the world. Internet transactions of goods have been a popular choice of business ever since the 90s, with the current form of the practice having reached the ease of only […]

Contactless- How will it evolve?

Contactless cards have been on the rise for the past few years and as far as tech has come, it can’t be denied that this is the best option for card payments. Being able to just tap your card against a machine for a near-instant payment is overall far better in terms of saving both […]


E-Commerce- 7 new trends that won’t die

Whenever new improvements to technology arise, e-commerce will always find a way to benefit from it. According to Statista, e-commerce is estimated to make a total of $4.5 billion from sales in 2021. That says a lot to the kind of profit you could make with the right approach. The right approach, however, is constantly […]

5 Fast Ways You Can Get More E-Commerce Sales

So, you’re starting up your business in the world of e-commerce. Maybe you’ve established it somewhat recently and just need the extra push to put it on the map. Maybe you’ve even got it all figured out but have hit a bit of stagnation as of late. Whatever the case, there’s always a need to […]

America Catching On With Contactless

To many, the global superpower that is the United States can seem like the trendsetter that the rest of the world follows. In terms of how they pay for things, however, it is pretty far behind Europe and Asia. A study available here by A.T. Kearney last year showed that only 3% of US cards […]

Making your e-commerce site mobile-friendly

In the modern day, it can seem as though everyone has a smartphone, with nearly 2.5 billion smartphone users currently existing. In the USA alone, we can see roughly 230 million users, the equivalent of over 70% of its population. In a recent study, it was also shown that the American public spends an average […]

Shoppers abandon cash-only businesses in under 5 months

Is your business one only dealing in cash? If so, you have only five months before your customers start looking somewhere else, according to Paymentsense’s latest research. This research showed that customers would only visit small businesses for 4.6 months before becoming fed up with the limited payment option, with such businesses including retailers, coffee […]


Why all e-commerce stores need mobile apps in 2019

Amazon and eBay are the two main pioneers of online shopping, and these e-commerce sites have helped mould the shopping behaviours of people in the modern age massively. It’s been a long journey, but now, the e-commerce system is widely accepted by the world- and customers now provide them with the trust they’d give to […]


The Guide to Growing Your Online Store

So, you’ve started up your e-commerce business, and it’s going okay, but you need the help to expand it into something bigger. Because of this, we’ll assume you know the basics of e-commerce, and if not, please see our “How to thrive in the e-commerce market” or “Getting a trusted online store” guides. Many companies […]